Spring Sale - Lego City Ski Resort - Get-Together:£63



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Spring Sale - Lego City Ski Resort - Get-Together:£63 - Lego City Set

4x4 associate snowplow measures over 3' (9cm) high, 5' (14cm) long as well as 2' (7cm) wide.
Accessory aspects feature 4 pairs of skis, 3 pairs of ski poles, 4 snowboards, 4 mugs, 2 dishes, a syringe element, palm cast, 2 ice selections, pair of field glasses, 2 walkie-talkies, 2 shovels, toolbox/first aid package, wrench, axe, circular saw, sweeper, snow shoes, safety helmet with ski goggles, warm hat and a cot, plus a brick separator and also a buildable sign.
Additionally, this property set for kids includes a saving 4x4 toy truck along with transferable snowplow and also rooftop rack, snow sled with affixed trailer, plus a chopper along with opening up cockpit, rotating blades as well as a cam.
Hot drinks and dish stand solutions over 3' (10cm) higher, 2' (6cm) broad and also 1' (3cm) deeper.

Helicopter along with camera steps over 2' (7cm) high, 7' (20cm) lengthy and 2' (7cm) wide.

Journey awaits your young sports fanatic with this winter-themed set filled with options. This awesome Metropolitan area 60203 Ski Retreat plaything set features a 2-level saving bottom, ski patronize huge display screen TV as well as snowboard and also ski shelf, hot drinks as well as dish stand up and an incredible snowfall park along with light pole, half-pipe and separate grind rail. This terrific building and construction toy set for kids also includes a saving 4x4 truck along with adjustable snowplow, snowmobile along with connected trailer, plus a helicopter along with opening up cockpit, rotating rotors and a cam, 11 minifigures, a dog figure and buildable snowman body.
Snow sled along with trailer solutions over 1' (5cm) higher, 7' (18cm) long and 1' (3cm) broad.
Utilize the 4x4 truck's snowplow to remove the way so the snow sled can easily make it back to bottom!
This exciting construction plaything set features a 2-level rescue base along with communication aerials on the roof, ski shop with major display TV as well as snowboard and also ski rack, hot drink and cupcake stand up and also an awesome snowfall playground with a pale post, half-pipe with step get access to and a different grind rail.
Includes 11 Area minifigures: 3 ski patrol participants, a ski store clerk, chopper pilot, skier, snowboarder, 2 youngsters, very hot cocktails stand up employee and also a customer, plus pet dog and also buildable snowman figures.

Ski store along with cinema measures over 5' (15cm) higher, 4' (12cm) wide as well as 2' (7cm) deep.
Rescue bottom solutions over 7' (20cm) high, 7' (19cm) vast and 2' (7cm) deep.
This trendy plaything for children makes a terrific private play gift!
Lots up an injured skier on the snowmobile's stretcher and take them back to the rescue foundation for assistance.

Turn the rotors on the chopper to float over the snow playground and also pretend to film the snowboarders.

Snowfall park along with half-pipe solutions over 4' (12cm) high, 6' (16cm) large as well as 4' (12cm) deep.
Grind rail procedures over 4' (11cm) large.

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Spring Sale - Lego City Ski Resort - Get-Together:£63 Spring Sale - Lego City Ski Resort - Get-Together:£63