Half-Price Sale - Lego Pals Emma'S Photo Studio Husk - Steal:£6



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Half-Price Sale - Lego Pals Emma'S Photo Studio Husk - Steal:£6 - Lego Friends Sets

Features a mobile plastic sheath in violet along with an Emma mini-doll figure, pet dog pussy-cat figure, buildable picture workshop equipment and various accessory elements inside.
Open up a world of ingenuity along with Emma's Photo Center Sheath. This portable case contains an Emma mini-doll body, a family pet feline amount, buildable image center tools and also diverse accessory components to encourage never-ending Buddies exciting everywhere you go.

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Measures over 2' (6cm) higher, 2' (6cm) broad as well as 1' (3cm) deep-seated
Take a look at 853774 Olivia's Satellite Sheathing, 853775 Andrea's DJ Sheath, 853777 Mia's Exploration Pod and 853778 Stephanie's Swimming pool Shell for even more on-the-go Friends exciting.

Product Description

Status In stock
送料負担 $15
Deliver UPS
Ship From USA
Arrived Days 3-10 DAYS
メーカー名 Mike


〒603-8148 京都府京都市北区烏丸通紫明上る小山西花池町6-5
TEL:075-468-1553 FAX:075-468-1557

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Half-Price Sale - Lego Pals Emma'S Photo Studio Husk - Steal:£6 Half-Price Sale - Lego Pals Emma'S Photo Studio Husk - Steal:£6