Spring Sale - Barbie Careers Ken Dentist Figurine - Frenzy:£10



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Spring Sale - Barbie Careers Ken Dentist Figurine - Frenzy:£10 - Barbie Dolls

You may be a dental professional with the Ken Dentist toy!
Dolly may not stand alone.
Wearing an expert white dental professional coating, gown t shirt, trousers and dark footwear, Ken Dentist figure is prepared for patients!
Makes a fantastic present for kids 3 years outdated and up, specifically those interested in significant smiles and healthy pearly whites!
To make certain he keeps his clients smiling and also their pearly whites well-balanced, Ken Dental expert dolly includes a toothbrush and also tooth paste (both connect to doll's hands) for training patients how to brush their pearly whites effectively!

Colours and decors might differ.

Children will like the unlimited possibilities for artistic expression as well as storytelling exciting along with the Ken Dental practitioner doll.

Materials: A Ken Dental professional figure with qualified oral attire and toothbrush and also toothpaste add-ons.
Explore a world of teeth washing fun with the Barbie Careers Ken Dentist Toy Playset! Dental practitioners like to create folks smile as well as you can easily also through this Ken Dental Practitioner Doll Playset. The Ken Dental expert toy puts on a professional white dentist coat, an outfit tshirt, a pair of pants and a pair of dark footwear. The Dentist toy requires to ensure he maintains his clients smiling as well as their teeth healthy and balanced. This playset comes with a toothbrush as well as toothpaste (both connect to dolly's palms) that assists o show people just how to brush properly as well as keep their teeth well-maintained! Kids will definitely really love the countless probabilities for creative expression as well as storytelling enjoyable!

Product Description

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Spring Sale - Barbie Careers Ken Dentist Figurine - Frenzy:£10 Spring Sale - Barbie Careers Ken Dentist Figurine - Frenzy:£10