June Bridal Sale - Barbie Hugs 'n' Steeds - Blowout Bash:£37



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June Bridal Sale - Barbie Hugs 'n' Steeds - Blowout Bash:£37 - Barbie Dolls

? Younger equine lovers will go crazy for the blonde Barbie Hugs 'n Horses playset.
? With this figurine playset horse nurturing kids can foster these family pets as well as treatment for them with their Barbie playthings.
Each likewise possesses a coloured burdened, bridle and reins for horseback riding role-play with these fun girls toys.
Barbie figurine and also Chelsea doll are actually prepared to ride wearing their casual outfits as well as riding boots.
Barbie doll and also her little sister Chelsea doll lets young steed lovers play out their long for having their personal equines with the blonde Barbie Hugs 'n' Equines doll as well as steed playset.Includes, much more than 15 parts along with, 2 dolls, an equine, a horse as well as a pup, plus much more Barbie accessoriesto generate a caring room as well as treatment for the pet dogs. It's quick and easy to experience the passion, the horse as well as pony each possess bobbling scalps that simulate actual activity for nuzzling as well as caress. Soft locks and tails contribute to the reality and also immersive expertise. Youngsters may participate in out eating, brushing and also horseback using while knowing stories of theiir friendship, family members and also journey. Imaginations can ride anywhere due to the fact that when a child play along with Barbie they picture every thing they may end up being. Figure may certainly not stand up alone. Shades and decors might vary.
? Each dolly also possesses a headgear for realistic kid role-play enjoyable.

Components: Barbie, Chelsea, steed, horse, pup, fence items, feeding canal, hay, food, container, brush, grass bundle, container, blanket, bucket, headgears, seats, bridles.
? Youngsters will certainly like just how the horses scalps bobble to resemble true motion.

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June Bridal Sale - Barbie Hugs 'n' Steeds - Blowout Bash:£37 June Bridal Sale - Barbie Hugs 'n' Steeds - Blowout Bash:£37