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Last-Minute Gift Sale - Lego Marvel Avengers Compound War - Steal:£72 - Lego Marvel Set

Helicopter includes an opening minifigure cabin, 2 spinning, tilting rotors as well as a 6-stud quick shooter.
Create fantastic scenes coming from the Marvel Avengers movies using this action-packed superhero plaything building set for youngsters.
The Iron Guy minifigure and Thanos as well as Giant major figures are actually all brand-new for March 2019, and also the Galaxy minifigure and also Ant-Man microfigure each function new-for-March-2019 Avengers staff fit ornament.
This buildable superhero playset includes 4 Wonder Cosmos minifigures: Iron Guy, Captain Wonder, Nebula and also a 4-armed Outrider, plus posable Giant and also Thanos big amounts as well as an Ant-Man microfigure.
This development toy features the Avengers material along with a 2-level office structure, airport, garage, plus a chopper and offroader for innovative play.

The compound likewise features: an airport with 2 double stud shooters and also link to the office complex; garage for the offroader with a ramp, opening barricade as well as a revolving, tipping radar meal; and also device racks along with crow-bar, wrench, welder and circular saw factors.
The office complex features: 2 Avengers 'A' logo components on the exterior wall; turning, tipping spring-loaded shooter on the rooftop; reduced amount with an entry, buildable turning pc and also a 'laser-beam' safe; and also an uppermost confess a conference room, table along with hidden compartment, revolving door leading to the helipad and also accessory elements including 3 chairs, 2 weapons, 3 cups and also a container.

Offroader features a minifigure cockpit and revolving belfry with twin pillar shooting and also status space for a minifigure.
Weapons feature Galaxy's sword as well as Thanos's buildable, double-sided battle axe.
Offroader assesses over 2' (7cm) high, 4' (11cm) long as well as 2' (6cm) large.

Avengers material solutions over 6' (17cm) higher, 11' (29cm) large and 7' (20cm) deep.
Stage a thrilling 76131 Avengers Compound War and defeat Thanos and also the Outrider using this Wonder Avengers plaything property placed! The Avengers company headquaters includes a 2-level office property along with a conference room-- including a table along with a secret gun chamber, a position 'laser-beam' secure, helipad, garage, rooftop spring-loaded shooting and dual pillar shootings, plus a rotating, tilting radar. This well-liked plaything building collection additionally consists of a buildable toy helicopter with adjustable, spinning rotors as well as 6-stud quick shooter, and an offroader along with a revolving belfry along with double pillar shooting. Play out awesome scenes from the Marvel Avengers movies with 4 minifigures, an Ant-Man microfigure and posable Hulk and Thanos large figures.

Chopper measures over 3' (9cm) high, 5' (14cm) long as well as 1' (5cm) wide.
Add-on components feature Captain Marvel 10 Power Bursts for innovative play.

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Last-Minute Gift Sale - Lego Marvel Avengers Compound War - Steal:£72 Last-Minute Gift Sale - Lego Marvel Avengers Compound War - Steal:£72