Doorbuster - Lego City Fire Plane - Weekend:£48



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Doorbuster - Lego City Fire Plane - Weekend:£48 - Lego City Set

Fire buggy steps over 2' (7cm) higher, 4' (11cm) long as well as 1' (5cm) large.
This rainforest fire rescue set features a fire aircraft with opening as well as easily-removed minifigure cockpit, spinning props and also opening up lower and also best hatches, plus a fire buggy with new-for-January-2019 3-shot stud shooter and roll cage.

Tree along with skunk shelter measures over 3' (10cm) high, 4' (12cm) large and also 3' (9cm) deeper.

Place on your smoke gear and also head into the rainforest fire to save the skunk.
Also includes 2 buildable burning plants, one with a retreat at the foundation for the skunk to conceal in.
Spin the props to catapult the airplane and head to the fire.
Includes 3 Area minifigures: a captain and 2 firefighter minifigures, plus a skunk figure.
Press the lever and also release the hatch at the end of the aircraft to fall the water aspects on the fires and also take them down.

Open the top hatch and also fill the airplane along with water aspects.

Lots 3 water factors into the pillar shooter as well as drive the plunger to shoot them at the fire and knock it out.

Aid the firefighters protect the woods critters of Area with the interesting 60217 Fire Airplane set, including a dual-propeller firefighting aircraft along with pontoons, easily-removed minifigure cockpit, hatch ahead to fill the water aspects and a lever to fall them. This rescue property plaything set likewise consists of a fire buggy along with new-for-January-2019 3-shot pillar shooter, plus 2 plants, 3 minifigures and also a skunk figure.
Extra elements consist of 14 water elements (6 little studs and also 8 much larger factors), 6 buildable fire aspects, and new-for-January-2019 smoke equipment set as well as fire axe.
Fire plane procedures over 3' (10cm) high, 11' (28cm) long and 12' (33cm) vast.

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Doorbuster - Lego City Fire Plane - Weekend:£48 Doorbuster - Lego City Fire Plane - Weekend:£48